We offer high level of expertise in designing and building mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems tailored to our clients’ specifications. Our engineers have experience designing a diverse portfolio of project, thus we have a broad and in-depth knowledge base to draw from. We are able to provide assessments, recommend alternatives and provide a properly designed high-functioning system to meet the clients’
very specific individual need.

Our Services: We are a one-stop solution for your mechanical, engineering, and plumbing systems for commercial and industrial buildings. Whether you need a new HVAC system, or upgrade on your current electrical installations, piping, and many other MEP needs, we can do it for you! Please have a look at our comprehensive service offerings in MEP.

We strive to apply the latest construction technology, and we encourage our engineers to keep updated with the current development in their field of expertise.

We are committed to working the most economical solutions possible within your available financial resources without sacrificing safety, quality, sustainability, and energy efficiency.

We are committed to building with excellence from the start to minimize maintenance requirement in the long run.

We are a one-stop solution contractor offering everything from design, drafting, permit processing, renovations, and new construction, working closely with clients from start to delivery of the project.

We know mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems from the inside out. Our team of experts have over 30+ years of experiences that honed our skills in designing engineering systems that work for you.